When the time for retirement comes, many people from Europe as well as overseas, choose to leave their country and move to one with a better climate and better weather. This is especially true when it comes to people from the U.K. and the countries in the north of Europe that don’t get as much sunlight and sunshine as the countries on the southern end of the continent. Simply put, the warm weather and sunshine of countries such as Italy and Greece is very good for both mind and body, which is why people there tend to live long lives and the suicide rates are pretty low.

Retirees however are not just looking for a place with nice weather when it comes to spending their retirement. They would also like to spend the years during which they will enjoy the fruits of their labor as luxuriously as possible. This is why many of them are looking to buy property in the country they would like to move in, even before they actually retire. It goes without saying that they are looking for bargains that they can take advantage of.

Greece is perhaps the perfect choice for recent or soon to be retirees because it combined both of the elements mentioned above. Not only is the country known all over the world for its amazing beaches and sunshine – it is one of the most popular tourist destinations, after all and for good reason – but “thanks” to the recent economic crisis, one can get luxurious properties at ridiculously low prices. What makes villas in Greece stand out however? Let’s find out!


Most villas were built by famous Greek stars or tycoons and those people tend to value their privacy which is why the buildings themselves are located on huge private properties, away from prying eyes. Those villas were built by people who wanted nothing more than to escape their everyday life and spend their summers relaxing away from it all. In other words, if one would like to spend his or her retirement away from the hustle and bustle and the noxious atmosphere of big cities, a villa in Greece is the perfect choice.

Very spacious

Villas in Greece are usually huge, which is to say that they have many rooms and they also come with amenities such as swimming pools and hot tubs. This is because their previous owners loved to host and entertain people while they were spending their time relaxing there, which means that you can do the same. Suffice it to say that there will be plenty of room for you to have your friends and family members stay over when they visit. In fact, some villas are built in a way that essentially makes them a duplex house rather than one big house. This means that your guests can stay in your place without getting in your way. You might forget they are even there.

Top quality

Land and property are of the utmost importance for Greeks because of their culture, which means that they don’t skip when it comes to building houses and the same applies to villas. Given the fact that villas were built by very wealthy people, you can bet that you will get the best when to comes t building materials, interior design and furnishings. That’s why people rent villas in Greece in such big amounts and luxury tourism has grown so tremendously in the last years in the country.

Budget prices

Like we said earlier, the recent financial crisis caused a massive drop in property prices in Greece because a lot of people had to default on their loans or they were essentially forced to sell part of the property they owned because of the sharp increase in property tax tariffs. Basically, one can get property for an absolute steal currently in Greece.