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Villa Bellevue Apartments,
P.O. BOX 1474 71110
Heraklion, Greece
Tel: ++30 2810811102
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bellevue hotel in agia pelagia

Our Hotel in Agia Pelagia

Hotel Bellevue in Agia Pelagia offers the best in hospitality to tourists going on a holiday to the lovely resort town of Agia Pelagia.
Guests to this hotel are sure to enjoy the marvellous views of the sea and the surrounding area of the town right from the balcony of their apartments.
They will also be able to cater to their own personal needs comfortably within their apartments, as each apartment in our hotel has its own kitchen, bath and other amenities.
In addition to that, the Hotel has its own tavern and mini-mart for the needs of all its guests.
Our hotel in Agia Pelagia is open all-year round and welcomes guests who bring with them their families on their holiday.

agia pelagia bay

Agia Pelagia a coastal gem in Crete

Hotel Bellevue is situated within the resort town of Agia Pelagia. The place is known as one of the most beautiful coastal towns on Crete, and is a mere 20 kilometres away from the island’s capital city of Heraklion.
Tourists can easily reach the place via automobile or through the island’s public bus transport system.
The Ligaria Cove on the east and the Mononaftis Bay on the west protects Agia Pelagia from the winds. Agia Pelagia also makes a good starting point for excursions to archaeological sites such as the Palace of Knossos because of its proximity to these sites.

agia pelagia beach

Perfect weather for perfect holidays

Just like the rest of Crete, the weather in Agia Pelagia is always mild. The climate is temperate Mediterranean, which means that it is typically hot and dry in the summer and wet during the winter.
Summer comes in the months of June to September, with August as its peak month.
The temperature during the summer months can be anywhere between 29°C to 38°C, and rainfall is very rare. As hot as summer can be in Agia Pelagia, the weather begins to cool down by the time October comes.
Rain can also fall in drizzles whilst the temperature drops to between 17°C to 26°C. It is coldest during December and rain often falls in torrents during February.

agia pelagia beach

Fine sandy beaches and clear sea

Aside from the picturesque views and the mild weather in Agia Pelagia, tourists flock to this town for its beaches.
There are many beaches lining its coast. Amongst them is the main Agia Pelagia beach, perfect for diving and safe for families to enjoy.
To the east of the main beach is the Ligaria Beach, where the sea is always calm and to its west is Psaromoura Beach- a favourite amongst the locals. Just nearby to the west is the Mononaftis Beach, a beach where it is always windy but often a lot less crowded than the other beaches.
One of the most isolated beaches in Agia Pelagia is Kladissos Beach, also to the west of the main beach.

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